Since 2006, ECOfleet has been provided as a commercial service costing approximately € 6,300 per six to nine month programme; discounts are offered for fleets registered for Revenue’s Diesel Rebate Scheme (DRS) and membership of bodies such as the FTAI or IRHA.

Today, the basic ECOfleet online service cost is €150 per month: usually funded by sponsors such as Enprova.

For businesses based in the Republic of Ireland, there are 3 types of financial support for ECOfleet:

1. Cash for fuel savings

Enprova, a collaboration by the IPIA and its members to assist Ireland in meeting energy saving obligations, provide no quibble financial support, based on measured savings.

The more fuel you save, the more funding you receive. Support is dependent on submitting energy consumption data quarterly to SEAI i.e. the catch is you must save fuel in L/100km or MPG.

Register online with Enprova directly for funding approval and user account for ECOfleet. 

The minimum commitment is to save fuel in L/100km from sign-up to 2020.  Some fleets are committed to achieving the EU and Paris COP21 goals of a 40% performance improvement by 2030 vs 2005.

2. FTAI TrucKsafe and VanSafe schemes

FTAI Freight Transport Association of Ireland member fleets can receive support and funding as part of their TruckSafe and VanSafe process.  Register via FTAI: 

3. Govt. Grant towards the cost of ECOfleet

Existing Enterprise Ireland (EI) clients are entitled to a grant (GreenStart) of up to 50% of €6,300 towards the cost of an ECOfleet training programme, typically taking place over six to nine months.   Click here to find your EI Development Advisor.

Branded versions

Energy advisors, trainers and service providers who would like to provide an ECOfleet service themselves; please contact us directly for white lable / own brand versions of ECOfleet.