ECOfleet is an online app designed to support you in saving fuel and collecting results. 

Contact your partner in the first instance.  If you are experiencing any issues or need further help you can call us on +353 1 2305018 

Delivering measured fuel savings, helping you to:

  • Save Fuel: Get paid
  • Save CO2: Reduce emissions

The Problem

Diesel fuel costs doubled 2002-2012, since their largest ever drop in 2015, prices have resumed rising as oil demand increases in developing economies. 

In Budget2020 the carbon tax was increased by €6 to €26 per tonne of CO2, every 373L of diesel you burn emits 1 tonne of CO2, the plan to increase carbon tax by €6/tonne each year to 2030 will bring the cost to €80/tonne. 

Due to excess emissions from cars, diesel bans are being enacted in European cities, act now to plan your fleet response (Low Emissions zones are being enabled in Ireland).*

The EU Energy Efficiency Directive 2012 Art.8 was enacted into Irish Law in 2014 with a mandatory requirement to identify fuel savings in transport, next deadline December 2019.

The time to act is now. The Solution:

Launched by Authentic Energy Management Services in 2006,  is a training service and online app, designed specifically to evaluate fleet fuel usage, identify potential fuel savings and help you to implement the actions you need to deliver real and measured fuel savings.

  1. Register to use the app and qualify for funding, you cannot apply retrospectively apply now.
  2. Login with the username & password we send you.
  3. Submit your results using the upload form each quarter.

The process is simple and straightforward, an initial review takes 30-60 minutes, the full service typically takes 3-7 days to complete with half a day training on site.

Fuel savings are visible within the first 90 days and funding is reported each quarter; with payment made annually.


*Heavy Duty Vehicles are not as dirty as cars; ICCT (the same organisation that revealed the problems with cars) has found some cars emit more NOx and PM’s than a HGV in real world conditions.