3 steps to saving fuel and receiving funding

  1. Commit by registering your fleet on our systems
    • After registration, we send you a username and password to access the services.
  2. Create an action plan using our online tool and the login details we send you
    • We work with you and your programme partner to create the action plan
    • Some fleets know what they want to do, others we help with training on-site
    • Enprova send you back a letter of offer confirming funding
    • You act on the plan – within the constraints of the time you have available
  3. Submit your fuel savings results each quarter
    • We calculate your savings and present them back to you
    • Enprova send you an updated account with your funding
    • You draw down the funds, usually annually, Q2 of each year

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does ECOfleet cost?

The service typically costs €4,000 – €6,000 or €150 per month for approx. 3 years; 100% of this cost is paid by Enprova when you sign-up.

Enterprise Ireland and IDA clients can avail of a Green Start grant, supporting up to 50% of the cost of ECOfleet. From 30th March 2020 ask for ‘sustainable logistics’ support.

Typical savings of 10% on an annual fuel spend of €100,000 is a €10,000 cost saving, organisations new to energy management can expect savings of 20%.

Do I need to modify my vehicles?

No. ECOfleet uses data from existing vehicle tracking systems, fuel card or pump reporting. No addition or modifications of equipment are required.

How much time does it take?

Initial review takes 40-60 minutes. Plan to invest a certain amount of time per week. Although this time can be measured in minutes, we will help you to do this in the time you have available.

Who should join ECOfleet?

ECOfleet is designed to deliver cost effective savings for organisations managing a fleet spending over €10,000 per month on transport fuel, on road or off road vehicles.

How much energy can I expect to save?

Typical savings are 10% over 12-36 months for a company that already has a formal fuel saving programme, all other fleets should target 20% fuel savings to 2020. These savings are measured in L/100km averaged across the fleet. Committing your company to 55% saving to 2030 puts you in line with EU and local targets. There is no penalty for not hitting the target, funding is paid out on actual fuel savings, not your commitment.

What is ESC Funding?

ESC stands for Energy Saving Credit. It is not a carbon credit and cannot be traded or tendered. It has a value to the Obligated Party (the energy supplier) who must be ‘demonstrably material’ to the project. In practice this means you must sign up with the energy supplier before you start saving fuel.

How much funding can I expect to get?

This varies by project and the seniority of the person signing for the credits within your fleet.  Relative to the value of fuel savings, typically every €100,000 in fuel saved is worth €10,000 in ESC.  To see the actual value complete the registration and business case (click calculate) and see the Letter of Offer to confirm the value complete the Action Plan section and email to team@ecofleet.ie.

Who are Enprova?

Enprova is the Participating Energy Supplier (PES), also known as the ‘Obligated Party’ (OP), for the Irish Petroleum Industry Association (IPIA) now Fuels for Ireland representing 95% of the Irish Oil Industry, making them the largest single PES in the Republic of Ireland.

Fuels for Ireland/ IPIA members are delivering energy saving measures through their Enprova Better Energy Programme agreed with the Department of Communication, Energy and Natural Resources.  Enprova are your ‘PES’ or ‘Obligated Party’.

Who are REIL?

Retrofit Energy Ireland (REIL) manage the energy obligations of IPIA members, under the Enprova brand name. See https://reil.ie/ for more including domestic/home retrofits and commercial building upgrades to warehouses and depots.

What is an Energy Savings Credit (ESC)?

ESCs are a measure used to calculate your fuel saving in energy terms i.e. in kWh (1 L of Diesel = 10.169kWh).

  • Example: if you improve vehicle/fleet performance from 37.5L/100km (7.5mpg) to 35L/100km (8mpg), that is a saving of 2.5L/100km; 2.5 x 10.169 = 25.4kWh worth of ESCs per Km travelled.
  • If this vehicle travels 100,000km per year, this saves you 2,500L or 25,400 kWh per year.
  • At €1.20 / Litre that is €3,000 in extra profit to you + the 25,000 ESC’s to help you get started.

Where does my ESC money go?

As the fuel savings accumulate their ESC value is placed in an account with Enprova. 

The ECOfleet app shows statement of account each quarter, after you have submitted your fuel figures (6.Funding). 

ECOfleet are paid from this account.  Other suppliers nominated by you can be paid as well, or a cheque can issue to you.

What are my commitments?
  1. To implement a fuel saving programme by allocating time to saving fuel.
  2. To provide fuel and energy savings figures to Enprova and if requested to SEAI.

The costs of implementing the programme are agreed by you with your energy advisor. You can add or change providers as needed to deliver the fuel savings over the course of the programme.

What is the legal basis for ESCs ?

ESCs are part of Ireland’s implementation of the EU Energy Services Directive (see S.I.542:2009 and S.I. No. 131 of 2014 European Union (Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme) Regulations 2014).

An ESC is not a carbon credit.  An ESC has no monetary value and thus cannot be traded nor tendered.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, please call us on 01 230 5018