Virginia International Logistics is a private company with a fleet of over 80 articulated trucks and 135 employees.

To reduce costs, Virginia partnered with ECOfleet to train and mentor an energy team, with the focus on improving L/100Km across the fleet.

Virginia paid ECOfleet service costs and was the first haulier in Ireland to avail of Energy Saving Credits in the form of Enprova funding.

In a 5-year period during which activity almost doubled in the business, significant results from the ECOfleet Fuel Saving Programme include;

  • Over 200,000 L fuel saved
  • 460,000 kg CO2e avoided, and
  • Enprova Funding received

Virginia’s Jon Goodaker, Transport & Operations Manager comments:

“At the outset, we were given solid advice and guidance by ECOfleet to gain a clear understanding of what was needed to produce meaningful cost savings.

The results achieved in the first 3 months were most encouraging in both reducing our carbon footprint and in savings within our fuel budget, we firmly believed this is just the start of the process.

This project has highlighted and confirmed that correct driver management is essential in obtaining the desired results.”